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Below is a collection of sites that I would recommend for your browsing enjoyment! The links in bold are worth a daily check--give or take a couple--and the vast majority of the news published at Animated-Movies.com from 2001 to 2003 came from these websites.
Enjoy, have fun, and to a great animated future rich in positive experiences for all of us!
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For Your Daily Animation News

Other Animation Sites
  • Angry Alien - Cult movies re-enacted in 30 seconds by bunnies--hilarious!
  • Animagic (Brazilian) - Very informative site in Brazilian, with key information translated in English.
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  • The Animated News - A new site and nice resource.
  • Animated Views - Animation commentary, commentary and opinion.
  • Animation Arena - Art, models, tutorials and more for animation professionals.
  • Animation Artist - A digital media community.
  • Animation Blast  - Opiniated and that's the way we like it!
  • Animation Corner - An animation development resource website that allows animators to upload their film tests, movies, and character design artwork.
  • Animation Insider - Primarily focused on TV animation.
  • Animation Magazine - The business, technology and art of animation. Requires subscription.
  • Animation Resources - No longer updated but still a valuable resource.
  • Animation World Network - Features very interest editorials, festival and book reviews as well as up-to-date industry directories.
  • Anime Checklist - Complete check-list of Japanese animated figures produced in Japan since 1917.
  • AnimWatch - Showcases the best in independent animation. Includes a special feature every month.
  • The Big Cartoon Database - You're pretty much guaranteed to find your favorite cartoons in there!
  • Broadway.com - For the latest news on the theatrical productions from Disney and DreamWorks.
  • Cartoon Brew - The love child of Animation Blast and Cartoon Research
  • Cartoon Research - Passion is the word on Jerry Beck's site!
  • Cartoon Startpage - Another compilation of links to sites about Disney, WB, Betty Boop and more.
  • Cartoons - Interesting collection of lesser-discussed articles.
  • CG Channel - For the CG community
  • CG Char - Animation news and forum
  • CG Networks - Computer Graphic Arts features exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes articles.
  • Clay Animator - How to site on clay animation and stop motion animation.
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  • Comic House - A lesson in 3D making.
  • Cyber Adventure Tsuka (French) - Focused on anime.
  • Digital Media FX - Not as rich in content as it used to be, but still worth checking now and then.
  • The Disney Experience - A gorgeous site with cool Disney wallpapers, fonts, toon icons and cursors.
  • Disney Informer - Addictive treat for Disney fans.
  • Disney Lyrics - Full lyrics for pretty much every Disney song ever released.
  • Disney's World of Wonders - Fun facts, games, and exclusive clipart.
  • Fous d'Anim (French) - A unique and entertaining look at animation which goes beyond mere mainstream.
  • Jim Hill Media - One of the newest and most exciting animation sites, rich in behind the scenes and exclusive scoops!
  • Keyframe - "The Animation Resource".
  • Laughing Place - Compilation of the most interesting animation-related articles, and much more.
  • Magical Ears Animation Archive - Over 6,000 pages of Disney Animation.
  • Nausicaa.net - The best source for everything Ghibli.
  • No Sólo Disney (Spanish) - Not updated in a while but still worth an occasional visit.
  • Pathea - The place for animation fans!
  • POVonline - The informational website of Mark Evanier.
  • Stop Motion Animation - An awesome resource for news, information and chats on--you guessed it--stop motion animation.
  • TAG Blog - The blog of the Animation Guild and one of the best news site out there.
  • Toonjunkies- When you're looking for the complete credits of animated features.
  • Toon Tracker - Home of the lost cartoons.
  • Toon Zone - A great team behind a passionate and exciting site! Updated daily.
  • Upcoming Movies - Greg's preview of animated movies at Yahoo!
  • YATTA! - Everything anime.

DVD Sites
  • Amazon DVD - Official artwork regularly debuts there.
  • Animusic - A DVD of computer animated music.
  • Box Office Mojo - My personal favorite when it comes to anything-box office.
  • Billboard - The 10-best selling videos and DVDs are posted there every Thursday.
  • DavisDVD - Updated daily.
  • Digital Bits - For DVD announcements, reliable rumors and artwork premiere.
  • Disney Video - Some broken links and outdated information, but still the place to go for Mouse lovers!
  • DVD File - A great place to learn about new DVDs; updated daily.
  • DVD Toons - The best site on animation DVDs, which includes an Eggs section. Starting to slow down unfortunately.
  • Easter Eggs - There might be a lot more to your DVDs than you think!
  • The Hollywood Reporter - Weekly DVD and VHS charts updated every Thursday morning (use the "More home video charts" menu).
  • Top DVD Sales & Rentals - From Box Office Mojo.
  • TV Shows on DVD - Fantastic resource for DVD news on all your favorite TV shows.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD - A growing site which scores an increasing number of scoops on Disney DVDs!
  • Video Premiere Awards - Doesn't look like much, not updated regularly, but breaking animation news have debuted on this site more than once.

Online Newspapers
  • Ananova - Entertainment news straight from the U.K., and often ahead of the U.S.
  • Apple Trailers - For all of us Quicktime lovers!
  • Disney Headline News - Yahoo! section listing the latest news about Mouse Inc.
  • DreamWorks Headline News - Google's tracking of Jeffrey's doings.
  • The Hollywood Reporter - Get the official word, and get it first! Most reliable source with Variety, but this one is free with regular industry highlights.
  • Los Angeles Times - Probably the major newspaper best covering animation. Search articles using the keywords "Disney", "Animated" and "Animation".
  • Orlando Sentinel - Right there by Disneyworld, likes to talk about it a lot too! Search articles using the keywords "Disney", "Animated" and "Animation".
  • New York Times - Regularly features interesting articles on animation. Search articles using the keywords "Disney", "Animated" and "Animation".
  • USA Today - Some gems are sometimes burried in the daily gossip. Click on the "Movies" link for headlines.
  • Variety- Terrific... for those who are willing to pay for it!
  • Yahoo! Movies News - Reuters, AP and other official releases are uploaded there every minute. Search under "Animated" and "Animation".

Movie Sites
  • Academy Awards - The official Oscars database.
  • Ain't It Cool News - A pioneer site started by an amazing guy (Harry Knowles).
  • CHUD - Cinematic happenings under development!
  • Cinema Confidential - Aka Cinecon, a nice place to check out daily.
  • Cinescape - The successful online version of a lesser known print magazine, with daily news and interviews.
  • Coming Soon! - My personal favorite, this one is on the rise and the sky's its only limit!
  • Corona, Coming Attractions - Not updated anymore, but still a great reference. Includes an intensive animation section.
  • Counting Down - The latest headline news are listed on this page, which is part of the larger CountDown movie database.
  • Dark Horizons - One of the best movie sites out there, usually updated daily. Great webmaster too!
  • DreamWorks SKG Fansite - The best one-stop resource for DreamWorks-related news.
  • FilmForce - Features some extensive previews and interesting 10-question interviews.
  • The Internet Movie Database - Have any question about a movie or artist? This is THE online directory!
  • Jam! - For its regular exclusive interviews.
  • Latino Review - Another growing site, definitely worth checking out several times a week!
  • The Moose Hole - For movie reviews, past and present.
  • Movie Page - Worth a monthly visit.
  • MovieHole - The new format is not as friendly, but still an amazing site for movie and TV news.
  • MovieWeb - Nice daily compilation of movie news.
  • The Onion AV Club - Features great animation-related articles now and then.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - The most central place for reviews from all over the place. A huge help when you're not sure which movies are worth seeing!
  • Sci Fi Wire - Like Cinescape, the surprisingly rich online vehicle of an otherwise unremarkable outlet.
  • Showbiz Data - Publishes a great compilation of reviews for opening movies every Friday!
  • Superhero Hype - Covers comic books, DTVs and movies about our favorite superheroes.
  • Upcoming Movies - Greg's previews of upcoming movies are updated almost daily.

Box Office
Animation Forums
  • Animated News Forum - From the great successor to Animated-Movies.com, launched in October 2003!
  • AnimationS fórum (Brazilian) - Great online place for Portuguese speakers.
  • Animation Nation - Undoubtedly the most stimulating and exciting forum of all, though best suited for animation professionals.
  • CGCHAR - The forum for CG character animators.
  • Digital Media FX Forums - To discuss animation and FX, now called Animation Forums.
  • Universo Disney (Spanish) - For Spanish speakers.

Official Movie Sites
Official Studio Sites
Official Artist Sites
  • Ralph Bakshi - Remember Fritz the Cat and The Lord of the Rings.
  • Gary Baseman - The man behind Teacher's Pet.
  • Bob Bergen - The voice of Porky Pig, and many others.
  • Benedict Bowen - A talented professional animator based in the U.K., Ben created the "Lynx" icon for this page!
  • Don Bluth - His "contact page" offers a rare chance to interact with one of the most talented people in the industry (business partner Gary Goldman personally responds).
  • Corey Burton - Talented voice actor.
  • Jennifer Cardon Klein - Animator/story artist (Iron Giant, El Dorado, Home on the Range) and children's book author.
  • Michel Gagné - You'll fall in love with Michel's drawings!
  • Raul Garcia - A talented animator who contributed a lot to Disney.
  • Milton Knight - In the cartoonist's own words, this site is "not one full of fripperies, blinkies and flash."
  • Uli Meyer - Commercial and feature animation.
  • Original art by Harald Siepermann for Animated-Movies.com!Brian Mitchell - Cartoon Animation for the new Millennium!
  • Victor Navone - Creator of Alien Song now working at Pixar.
  • Milton Pool - This young artist compiled his best Flash MX animations online.
  • Bill Plympton - Also has a site over at AWN.
  • Charles Schulz - Museum for the beloved Peanuts creator.
  • Stephen Schwartz - Talented lyricist.
  • Armand Serrano - Layout artist on Lilo & Stitch.
  • The Sherman Brothers - This awesome duo contributed unforgettable songs to Disney classics such as The Sword in the Stone, Mary Poppins or The Jungle Book.
  • Harald Siepermann - His work is pure eye candy and a delight for the spirit!
  • Alan Silvestri - Unofficial but nonetheless terrific site for the composer.
  • Fred Sposito - Creator of the first Animated Movies logo, Fred is a talented young artist and fan of DreamWorks!
  • Gabe Swarr - Follow the exploits of the Big Pants Mouse.
  • Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston - Walt Disney's only surviving  "Nine Old Men" launched a new only cartoon, Nilknarf & Revilo--at 90+ years old!
  • Christophe Vacher - Background artist on Tarzan.
  • Peter Wilster -  Author of The Yellow House,  an animated introspective ride into the mind of painter Vincent van Gogh in his last days.

Other Official Sites
Fan Movie Sites
Theme Parks
Animation Stores & Art Galleries
Festivals & Organizations


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